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What is Digital Studies?

Digital Studies is a 15-credit certificate available to undergraduates that brings together more than fifteen departments at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and eleven core faculty members to take advantage of the new possibilities offered by digital technologies. The certificate in Digital Studies allows students from all majors to choose from among over fifty courses to create their own individualized digital curriculum. Digital Studies is situated at the intersection of the arts, humanities, social sciences, and information and computer sciences. The certificate appears on a student's transcript, giving them credit for seeking out these courses and preparing students for the careers of the 21st century.

Areas of Study

The Digital Studies certificate requires 5 courses, including one core course and one topical course from each of four areas of study. It forges new connections across disciplinary boundaries by addressing distinct yet overlapping areas of intellectual activity:

  • Digital Information Structures — the consideration and assessment of how we use and create digital archives, databases, and other digital information architectures
  • Digital Media — the consideration of how we consume and assess communication that is mediated by digital technologies such as Internet, mobile, and smart devices including digital video and audio content as well as games and simulations produced both in everyday discourse and by media professionals
  • Visuality in Digital Design — the consideration of how we create and assess both mechanical and aesthetic elements of visual design in digital contents
  • Digital Practices — the acquisition of skills that allow us to create expressive and strategic communication content using digital tools such as digital video and audio equipment as well as software for video and audio editing, Web-design, database and information architecture design, app design, computer simulation, and digital gaming

Contact Us

Students, fill out the Intent form to contact us. This is how you let the advisor know you are interested in the certificate. You do not need to email to contact the advisor—simply fill out the Intent form instead.

Robert Glenn Howard, Director
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