Brandon Garvey

Credentials: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort & Earth Love United Foundation

Position title: Digital Marketing Coordinator & Director of Marketing

Photo of Brandon Garvey

Majors: Marketing and Management & Human Resources (Entrepreneurship emphasis)

Certificates: Digital Studies

Graduation Date: May 2019

How did you end up working for those organizations?

In college I had marketing internships at Promega Corporation and Sub-Zero. I was also a Brand Ambassador for Guayaki. After college I worked as a Project Manager at Epic for a couple of years. In February 2021 I left Epic to return to a career in marketing and focus on areas I’m more passionate about – particularly, a career in the ski & outdoor industry.

I began volunteering my time with Earth Love United as a Social Media Strategist. Around the same time, I also moved out to Denver to work for Vail Resorts as a Central Sales Agent. Once winter came to an end, I transferred over to Vail’s Grand Teton Lodge Company in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, where I supervised their housekeeping department and helped create their social media posts. Once summer came to an end, I decided to stay in the area and took a job at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort as an Assistant Manager in their Guest Experience Department. After working in that role for 4 months, I transferred to my current role on the marketing team as the resort’s Digital Marketing Coordinator.

Throughout this whole time, I’ve continued to volunteer my free time with Earth Love United Foundation, and have moved up the ranks from Social Media Strategist to Digital Marketing Manager to Director of Marketing.

What does a typical day in the office look like for you?

In my role with the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, I’m responsible for updating, designing, and building new webpages for the resort’s website seen by millions of users each year. I capture photographs and create content such as blog posts, app notifications, and in-resort digital signage that keep guests informed and promote upcoming events and marketing campaigns.

For Earth Love United, I collaborate with the non-profit’s Founder/Chairman and the General Manager to set the direction of the organization and create opportunities for growth and partnerships. I also direct a team of Marketing and Digital Content Managers in executing organizational strategy. I hire, mentor, and manage an international, remote team of 50+ social media strategists, digital media specialists, writers, editors, animators, and podcasters, to drive climate action via social media, videos, podcast episodes, blog posts, and our website.

How has Digital Studies influenced your career path?

I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for the Digital Studies program. If I had never taken the web design courses I did as part of the certificate, I wouldn’t have been qualified for my current role at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, where I build the resort’s website. Through the Digital Studies program I also strengthened my skills in video editing, audio editing, photography, and graphic design, which have all come into play in my roles at Earth Love United and/or Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

Did you have a favorite Digital Studies class?

Communication Arts 155: Introduction to Digital Media Production with Professor Eric Hoyt. This was actually my favorite class overall at UW-Madison. I loved that each project focused on an entirely new type of digital media, which strengthened a number of skills and helped me determine which classes I should take in future semesters. Professor Eric Hoyt is also such an energetic person with a teaching style that hooked me into the content. I truly looked forward to every single CA155 class.

Do you have any advice for current students?

  • Take the time to think about how what you are doing could be utilized in your career – don’t rush through assignments just to get them done
  • Ask questions and/or do additional research to create projects that meet or exceed your original vision – don’t take the easy way on something
  • Choose a path that will lead to something you are truly passionate about and will enjoy every day – don’t choose a path that you think will lead to the most money
  • Choose classes and internships that will set you up to do something you love post-graduation

For jobs in marketing and digital media, I believe it is extra important that you enjoy the industry you are working in. You’ll dedicate your time to learning everything about that product/service and industry and spend 40+ hours a week creating content on that topic, so it’s extremely important that you are actually interested in what you are dedicating all of your time to.

Enjoy your college experience and have as much fun as possible, but don’t lose sight of your class performance. It is definitely possible to have both – I certainly did.

What achievement are you most proud of in your professional career thus far?

In less than a year, I built a marketing team at Earth Love United consisting of over 50 passionate volunteers from all over the world. I was able to accomplish this by setting aside dedicated time to carefully review applicants and then hold in-depth conversations with the top candidates to determine how their strengths and passions could be utilized most effectively to have the greatest impact for the organization, the Earth, and their own professional development. I’m most proud of this accomplishment because I’ve helped more than 50 amazing people gain valuable experience that has assisted them in their own careers, while having a positive impact on our planet.