Miranda Weber

Credentials: University of Wisconsin-Madison, College of Letters & Science

Position title: Assistant to the Office of the Dean

Photo of Miranda Weber

Major: Communication Arts (Radio, TV, Film)

Certificate: Digital Studies & Gender and Women’s Studies

Graduation Date: May 2016

How did you end up at where you are today?

My first job out of college was with Nestle USA as a Retail Sales Representative in a leadership rotational program. I relocated to Philadelphia, PA for this position and serviced a territory of stores in PA and NJ. I loved being outside of my comfort zone and getting to explore a different part of the country, but I am a Midwesterner at heart. After about a year in this role, I decided that I wanted to move home to Wisconsin, and I found a position with Baker Tilly Search & Staffing, a subsidiary of Baker Tilly.

I started with Baker Tilly Search & Staffing in a blended sales and recruiting role as a Talent Sourcing Specialist. In this role, I primarily recruited finance and accounting talent for direct-hire positions in the Madison and Janesville markets. After about 1.5 years in that role, I shifted to a Business Operations Analyst position where I focused on internal recruitment, marketing, and technology support. I loved providing operational support to my teammates in our 6 office locations across the Midwest.

About 6 months into the pandemic, I realized something was missing in my professional life, so I started to explore new career opportunities. I gravitated toward higher education because I wanted to work for an organization with a strong mission that helps develop future leaders. It wasn’t easy starting a new job during the pandemic, but the transition wasn’t as hard as most people would expect. In my current role within L&S, I provide operational support to the broader L&S administration which is similar to what I was doing in my previous role with Baker Tilly. I love being back on campus working in the college I was part of as a student many years ago! There truly is never a boring day in South Hall (the 2nd oldest building on campus if I might add!).

What does a typical day look like for you?

The College of Letters & Science (L&S) is one of the largest units at UW-Madison, with over 800 faculty, 20,000 students, and 1,450 staff members. As Assistant to the Office of the Dean within the College of L&S, I support the broader L&S Administration, associated programs, and committees. My primary responsibilities include providing program support to the leadership team, assisting with event coordination/management, and supporting other operational initiatives to advance the mission of the College.

How has Digital Studies influenced your career path?

Digital Studies has changed my way of thinking when it comes to technology in the workplace. More specifically, I am better able to approach technology problems with a solution oriented mindset – I am always thinking of better and more creative ways to accomplish goals using technology.

Did you have a favorite Digital Studies class when you were a student?

Eric Hoyt was one of my favorite professors on campus! He did such a great job making the material fun to learn, and he showed us how practical the skills in the classroom can be outside of the classroom too.

Do you have any advice for current students?

Don’t be scared to try new things. Be curious. Ask questions. Get out of your comfort zone and ask for career guidance from your professors, peers, supervisors at work, etc. There are a million choices of what you can be when you grow up, but four years will fly by before you know it. Start the conversations early so you can be better prepared to join “the real world” when you graduate.

What achievement are you most proud of in your professional career thus far?

I am most proud of the fact that I chair a young professionals group, Habitat Young Professionals, in Madison, and I sit on the board of directors for Habitat for Humanity of Dane County. I love being able to give back to the community all while developing my leadership skills outside of my professional job.