Digital Design

Students complete digital design projects in a variety of courses within the Digital Studies Certificate, including Art 107, Communication Arts 155, Geography 370, Life Sciences Communication 332, and more. In these courses, students gain a basic technical education in using the tools to create digital images while also exploring the aesthetic, ethical, and design issues that arise during the creation process.

Library & Information Studies 500: Code & Power

This course prepares students to analyze and critique the portrayal of race, gender and computing in various media outlets and to consider their own potential as contributors to the computing industries in light of media portrayals and their own self-perceptions. As students confront assumptions about gender race and computing, this course also equips them with the skills necessary to confidently design, develop, and discuss web scripting aspects related to HTML/CSS/PHP website development.

Sandra Aldama Barreto (Majors: Communication Arts & Spanish); Prudhvi Challa (Major: Life Sciences Communication); Aaron Dudor (Major: Computer Sciences); Luke Larson (Majors: Industrial Engineering & Communication Arts)
Julia Lackey (Major: Psychology); Leah Theusch (Majors: Communication Arts & Computer Sciences); Sylvia Yan (Major: Journalism); Zhengpei Luo (Major: Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences)