The digital film courses offered through the Digital Studies Certificate introduce students to the formal qualities of motion pictures, and the ways in which this medium communicates ideas, tells stories, and documents experience. Students gain technical experience storyboarding, shooting high-definition videos, and managing the pre- and post-production process. There are many certificate courses that include video production and the work below is just a sample of what students create. See more student work on our YouTube Channel.

Communication Arts 155: Introduction to Digital Media Production


Produced by Elicia Ericksen
Major: Marketing


Produced by Campbell Fauber
Major: Retail & Consumer Behavior

A Walk to

Produced by Elizabeth Kallies
Major: Marketing

Hancock Street

Produced by Sam Stuckey
Major: Marketing

Finding Love in the Pandemic

 Produced by Maddie Hughes
Major: Marketing

Groundhog Day Mid-Pandemic

Produced by Sydney Haffelder
Major: Communication Arts

Communication Arts 200: Introduction to Digital Communication

The World Doesn’t Wait

Produced by Karla Ponce
Major: Finance, Investment, & Banking

Necessities of Life as Human Rights

Produced by Griffin Baumann
Major: Psychology

UW Transfer Students: We Are First Years Too!

Produced by Mary Fonk
Major: Communication Arts & English

Campus Connected: How UW-Madison Can Help Students Stay Online

Produced by Aaron Schmidt
Major: Communication Arts

Badgers Can Be Better

Produced by Alisyn Amant
Majors: Journalism & English

Grocery Inaccessibility at UW-Madison

Produced by Allison Olson
Major: Marketing

Communication Arts 355: Introduction to Media Production

Band Kid

Produced by Elizabeth Kallies
Major: Marketing

The Collection

Produced by Vicki Dombeck
Major: Journalism

Weirdest Relationship

Produced by Cecilia Nie
Major: Communication Arts


Produced by Katherine Ceballos
Major: Communication Arts

Wear Red on Gameday

Produced by Elizabeth Kallies
Major: Marketing

Night Safety PSA

Produced by Abie Sprain
Major: Industrial Engineering

Communication Arts 651: Advanced Video Production & Direction


Produced by Brenna DeNamur
Majors: Life Sciences Communication & Wildlife Ecology


Produced by Natalie Tesch
Majors: Communication Arts & International Studies

In Perfect Form

Produced by Katie Innis in Communication Arts 651
Major: Communication Arts


How to Juggle

Produced by Ellie Marcus in Curriculum & Instruction 209
Major: Communication Arts

Planet Forward

Produced by Tyler Fox in Life Sciences Communication 314
Major: Life Sciences Communication