Digital Studies is an interdisciplinary program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that allows students to explore the relationship between communication and digital technologies through unique and exciting courses. The Digital Studies Certificate brings together departments from across campus and allows students to choose from over fifty courses to create their own individualized digital curriculum, where students have the opportunity to both produce digital content and critically assess the digital content they encounter.

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Featured Opportunities

Digital Media & Marketing Communications Assistant – Bolz Center for Arts Administration

Information Specialist Intern – UW-Madison Libraries

Photographer & Graphic Designer – Madison Metro Transit

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“I chose to do the Digital Studies Certificate to bridge together my interests in graphic design, archival work, communications and information studies, and technology. Moving forward in my career and with my professional and personal goals, I feel that the certificate has allowed me to understand how all of these areas might intersect in a clear and constructive way.” We’re so happy to have you in our program @celeste_carroll!