Communication Arts 155: Introduction to Digital Media Production

Com Arts 155 introduces you to the converging fields of video and web-based media production. Explore the aesthetic, ethical, and design issues in these media as well as acquire a basic technical education in the tools used to create digital media. You will learn important skills in digital media production, including web design and programming, high-definition photography, high-definition video shooting/editing, digital audio production, and linear and non-linear storytelling.


Posters Podcasts Videos Websites Photography



The Journey of a Mug

Produced by Mara Hansen, Kiera Sokup, Teddy Zhang, and Meriah Abendroth


Produced by Alexander Bussell, Natalie Putnam, and Lauren Bena

The Lost Hat Chronicles, Part 1

Produced by Taryn Boll, Mallory Schaefer, and Madeleine Heu

The Interview

Produced by Lucia Gadau, Joe Doornek, Lauren Pickel, and Bowen Staehly

Grounds for Departure

Produced by Iris Treharne-Jones, Avery Opland, Cassandra Semenas, and Seth Kruger

So You Wanna Be A College Scalper?

Produced by Annika Bilitz