Communication Arts 200: Introduction to Digital Communication

“How does the Internet change how we communicate?” That is the central question you will seek to answer through this course, closely examining the relationship between digital media and communication. You will learn how to create digital messages and integrate design elements to create a persuasive video campaign speaking to a specific audience.


Lights on Lakeshore

Produced by Elizabeth Kallies
Major: Communication Arts

Bring Back Lecture Videos

Produced by Sona Cyriac
Major: Marketing

UW Transfer Students: We Are First Years Too!

Produced by Mary Fonk
Major: Communication Arts & English

The World Doesn’t Wait

Produced by Karla Ponce
Major: Finance, Investment, & Banking


Produced by Hayley Javoroski
Major: Marketing

Necessities of Life as Human Rights

Produced by Griffin Baumann
Major: Psychology

How We Can Buy A Greener Future

Produced by Samantha Stidham
Major: Journalism