Communication Arts 346: Critical Internet Studies

In this course, explore the historical development of the Internet and its infrastructure as well as some of the many social, political, economic, and industrial implications the Internet opens up as a technology for communication. You will reflect on the inequalities and digital divides that fundamentally structure the Internet using methods of digital historiography, political economy, and critical-cultural analysis and connect current issues in Internet culture to previous media and technology debates.


Explainer Video

YouTuber Burnout

Produced by Sally Blodgett
Major: Journalism

How Inclusive is Technochauvinism?

Produced by Jessica Lindall
Major: Communication Arts

YouTuber Burnout

Produced by Alejandro Dominguez
Major: Communication Arts

App Prototype

Image of phone with inspirational quote
Makenna Erickson (Major: Journalism)
Image of phone screensaver
Matthew Song (Major: Computer Sciences)