Communication Arts 355: Introduction to Media Production

This course centers on the theory and practice of media production. You will examine principles of videography and compositions, sound recording, production planning and editing, and visual storytelling. By the end of this course, you will have produced two short videos from pre-production through post-production.

Narrative Story & Scene


Produced by Meghan McArdle (Management & Human Resources), Kaitlyn Alley (Communication Arts), and Kyle Samuel (Communication Arts)

Amount Due

Produced by Matthew Jarosinski
Major: English

Ex Oblivione

Produced by Charlie Dern (Journalism), Jake Bernstein (Com Arts + English), and Robbie Nealey (Journalism)

Move-Me Video

Wear Red on Gameday

Produced by Elizabeth Kallies
Major: Marketing

Night Safety PSA

Produced by Abie Sprain
Major: Industrial Engineering

Out of the Spotlight

Produced by Cami Kronish
Major: Communication Arts


Asian Hip-Hop Lovers

Produced by Muzi He
Major: Communication Arts

UW-Madison Cycling Century Ride

Produced by Anica Graney (Major: Journalism) & Alex Page (Major: Communication Arts)

Weirdest Relationship

Produced by Cecilia Nie
Major: Communication Arts

The Collection

Produced by Vicki Dombeck
Major: Journalism

Band Kid

Produced by Elizabeth Kallies
Major: Marketing